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Version: 5.1.1


This project, written in C#/.NET, provides 2 libraries for an easier usage of the Spotify Web API

Spotify's Web API (link)

Based on simple REST principles, our Web API endpoints return metadata in JSON format about artists, albums, and tracks directly from the Spotify catalogue. The API also provides access to user-related data such as playlists and music saved in a “Your Music” library, subject to user’s authorization.


A wrapper around Spotify's Web API, providing sync and async methods to query all possible endpoints. Results are returned as typed class instances, allowing property-based access.


A library providing C# implementations of the 3 supported Authentication modes, including ImplicitGrantAuth, AuthorizationCodeAuth and CredentialsAuth


  • Via NuGet Package:
Install-Package SpotifyAPI.Web -Version 5.1.1Install-Package SpotifyAPI.Web.Auth -Version 5.1.1
  • Download the latest binaries on the GitHub Release Page and add it to your Project
  • Clone the Repo and build the project yourself.

Getting Started#


lidarr by @lidarr#

Looks and smells like Sonarr but made for music.

botframework-solutions by @microsoft#

home for a set of templates and solutions to help build advanced conversational experiences using Azure Bot Service and Bot Framework

Spytify by @jwallet#

Records Spotify to mp3 without ads while it plays and includes media tags to the recorded files

audio-band by @dsafa#

Display and control songs from the Windows taskbar

rocksmith-custom-song-toolkit by @catara#

MASS Manipulation of Rocksmith DLC Library

Spofy by @eltoncezar#

A Spotify mini player and notifier for Windows

Toastify by @aleab#

Toastify adds global hotkeys and toast notifications to Spotify

Forked from nachmore/toastify

Spotify Oculus by @CaptainMorgs#

Unity project for interacting with Spotify in virtual reality for the Oculus Rift.

Songify by @Inzaniity#

A simple tool that gets the current track from Spotify, YouTube and Nightbot.

Elite G19s Companion app by @MagicMau#

Main features include: system and station overview, play radio and podcast with audio visualizations, simulated Space Traffic Control, GPS functionality (including planetary races), an orrery view, a screenshot converter, and a news ticker.

ARDUINO-Spotify-Remote-Control by @NADER11NDEU#

Well, with this project we will be able to control active spotify devices with Arduino. How we gonna do that ? We will use serial communication.