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🔊 A Client for the Spotify Web API, written in C#/.NET

var spotify = new SpotifyClient("YourAccessToken");
var me = await spotify.UserProfile.Current();Console.WriteLine($"Hello there {me.DisplayName}");
await foreach(  var playlist in spotify.Paginate(await spotify.Playlists.CurrentUsers())){  Console.WriteLine(playlist.Name);}

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dotnet add package SpotifyAPI.Web# Optional Auth module, which includes an embedded HTTP Server for OAuth2dotnet add package SpotifyAPI.Web.Auth
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Sane Defaults - Easy To Configure

SpotifyAPI-NET allows you to quickly integrate with Spotify's Web API by supplying sane configuration defaults from the start. Later on, behaviour can be customized using extensive configuration possibilities.

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All API Calls Integrated

The Spotify Web API consists of over 74 API calls. SpotifyAPI-NET provides fully typed requests/responses for all of them.

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.NET Standard 2.X

With the support of .NET Standard 2.X, SpotifyAPI-NET runs on many platforms, including .NET Core, UWP and Xamarin.Forms (Windows, Android, iOS and Mac)

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SpotifyAPI-NET is built on a modular structure, which allows easy testing through mocks and stubs. Learn more by visiting the Testing Guide