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Version: 6.X

Unit Testing

The modular structure of the library makes it easy to mock the API when unit testing. Consider the following method:

public static async Task<bool> IsAdmin(IUserProfileClient userProfileClient){  // get logged in user  var user = await userProfileClient.Current();
  // only my user id is an admin  return user.Id == "1122095781";}

Using Moq, this can be tested without doing any network requests:

[Test]public async Task IsAdmin_SuccessTest(){  var userProfileClient = new Mock<IUserProfileClient>();  userProfileClient.Setup(u => u.Current()).Returns(    Task.FromResult(new PrivateUser    {      Id = "1122095781"    })  );
  Assert.AreEqual(true, await IsAdmin(userProfileClient.Object));}