Get Spotify catalog information about artists, albums, tracks or playlists that match a keyword string.


Name Description Example
q The search query's keywords (and optional field filters and operators), for example q=roadhouse+blues. "roadhouse+blues"
type A list of item types to search across. SearchType.Album
[limit] The maximum number of items to return. Default: 20. Minimum: 1. Maximum: 50. 20
[offset] The index of the first result to return. Default: 0 0
[market] An ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code or the string from_token. "de"

Returns a SearchItem which contains the properties Paging<FullArtist> Artists,Paging<FullTrack> Tracks, Paging<SimpleAlbum> Albums, Paging<SimplePlaylist> Playlists. They are filled based on your search-type.


SearchItem item = _spotify.SearchItems("roadhouse+blues", SearchType.Album | SearchType.Playlist);
Console.WriteLine(item.Albums.Total); //How many results are there in total? NOTE: item.Tracks = item.Artists = null